Thiết bị châm CLO

Hệ điện phân muối -JESCO

•    No handling of hazardous chemicals
•    Salt as a precursor
•    On-site production according to demand
•    No outgassing in dosing pumps
•    No incrustation of dosing points
•    Particularly occupational health and safety-friendly for the operator

Technical Information 
•    On site electrolysis of brine for safe generation and preparation of
<1% sodium hypochlorite solution
•    Safe and fully sealed electrolytic process
•    Easy to operate
•    Integrated control panel & OLED screen
•    Manual and automatic operation
•    Multilingual operating display option
•    Telemetry alarm event & data logging option
•    Chlorine production from 240 g/h to 8.5 kg/h